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Halloween Books for Kids


All through the fall a witch watched as the seed she planted grew into an ENORMOUS pumpkin. She thought of all the pumpkin pie she would have just for herself. But a pumpkin that big is hard for just one person to pick all alone. With Halloween just hours away, a strange and spooky series of ghoulish wanderers each tries to pull the gigantic gourd from its vine. Is anyone strong enough to pluck the prize by themselves? Or, will there be no pumpkin pie this Halloween!


Erica Silverman follows her previous successful works in this playful and humorous Halloween book for kids. The words are rhythmic and repetitive-perfect for bedtime reading for 4 to 8 year olds. A ghost, a vampire, a mummy, and a small bat show that size and strength are not the only ways to solve a problem. Sometimes clever thinking and cooperation succeed where boasting and independence fails.

S.D. Schindler illustrates this Halloween book for kids with rich colors and images that loom ever larger as the story (and the pumpkin) grows towards the harvest holiday.


Just then, along came a vampire.
“Big pumpkin,” said the vampire.
“It’s big and it’s mine, but it’s stuck on the vine, and Halloween’s just hours away.” said the witch.
And she kicked that pumpkin.
“I am bigger than both of you and stronger too,” boasted the vampire, “Let me try.”
“Hmph!” said the witch.
“Hmph!” said the ghost.

Big Pumpkin is a Pumpkin Goblin-approved Halloween book for kids.


Big Pumpkin

Big Pumpkin