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Kids Halloween Books


What should a young frog be for Halloween? Super Frog? Vampire Frog? Froggy frantically tries and rejects ideas until he lands on the perfect costume: the Frog Prince! Everything looks set for a perfect outing with lots of candy in this kids Halloween book, until the unexpected happens. It seems that Froggy’s dashing cape, gold crown, and mighty sword have smitten Frogulina, and she demands a kiss as her treat! Froggy narrowly escapes with his honor, but loses his candy treasure on the way home. All seems lost until his mom saves the day.


Froggy’s Halloween captures the excitement and enthusiasm of young ones as the harvest holiday draws near. Author Jonathan London adds this kids Halloween book to his collection of successful Froggy tales. In this episode, Froggy learns lessons about being excited (for Halloween and candy) but still being responsible (doing your homework). He also encounters the scary proposition that girls aren’t only interested in candy (yikes!). Perfect for children ages 4 to 8.

Illustrator Frank Remkiewicz, who also worked on Quiet, Wyatt!, teams up with author London once again in this lighthearted kids Halloween book that is focused more on trick-or-treaters than ghouls and goblins. Froggy’s Halloween joins the other popular books of the series: Froggy Gets Dressed, Let's Go, Froggy!, Froggy Learns to Swim, Froggy Goes to School, Froggy's First Kiss, and Froggy Plays Soccer.


But his mind was on Halloween.
Every day after school he got ready.
He carved crazy pumpkins.
He hung sticky spiderwebs
all over the front of his house
He hung his mother’s sheet
like a ghost in the wind.

Froggy’s Halloween is a Pumpkin Goblin-approved kids Halloween book.


Froggy’s Halloween

Froggy’s Halloween