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Kids Halloween Books


Two little kittens named Trick and Treat are helping their mother and father prepare for a Halloween party. But these mischievous brothers are so excited for Halloween to come, they get into all sorts of trouble with their naughty antics.


What could be more fun that a pair of cute, but slightly naughty black kittens on Halloween? Illustrator Maggie Kneen applies the same successful strategy used in her previous books, The Christmas Surprise, and The Hanukkah Mice. This kids Halloween book uses sturdy and colorful pages tell the story of the kitten’s parents as they make the house ready for a big Halloween party. Young listeners will giggle as you open the flaps to reveal glittering metallic pictures showing the mischief that brothers Trick and Treat get into. In the end, we see the Halloween party with all the guests having lots of fun - and little Trick and Treat asleep under the table. Perfect for younger children, ages 2 to 6, The Halloween Kittens is a playful kids Halloween book that lets you and your impish “kittens” have fun with holiday decorating and getting ready for the big day.


While Father Cat blows up balloons
Treat’s little claw darts out.
He’s planning something naughty--
What could this be about?
(open the flap to find out!)

The Halloween Kittens is a Pumpkin Goblin-approved kids Halloween book.


The Halloween Kittens

The Halloween Kittens