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Childrens Halloween Books


Halloween is here and a host of creatures emerge to throw a ball in a haunted hall. Las brujas arrive, flying and doing acrobatic tricks on their broomsticks. Las fantasmas appear hovering by the door, wailing and clattering their chains. Werewolves dance under an October moon and los muertos rise to life once more as the Day of the Dead approaches. But the party comes to an abrupt halt when the scariest creatures of all knock at the door--¡los niños! The sight of young trick-or-treaters is more than the monsters can bear.


Mexican and American traditions of All Saint’s Day and el Día de los Muertos come together in this bilingual childrens Halloween book. Author Marisa Montes deftly weaves together the words and the folk tales of the two cultures using Spanish words in identifiable English contexts. Young listeners will understand the esqueletos and the gatos black without much explanation, but the images and the story are recommended for niños over 5.

While the rhyming verse is clever and exposes children to the flavor of Latin culture, it is the illustrations of Yuyi Morales that set this childrens Halloween book apart from the others. The rich, colors and vivid poses of the characters are drawn from her origins in Mexico. They capture the balance of festive holiday, superstition, and the almost morbid fascination with death that come together in the celebration of el Día de los Muertos.


Los esqueletos rattle bones.
The skeletons with creaks and groans
Delight the night in moonbeams dance--
An awkward bow, a clattering prance.

Los Gatos Black on Halloween is a Pumpkin Goblin-approved childrens Halloween book.


Los Gatos Black on Halloween

Los Gatos Black on Halloween