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Halloween Books for Children


A mysterious little boy in a mask and costume greets trick-or-treaters on Halloween. As he opens the door each time, out pops a ghost, a witch, a Frankenstein and more. The boy confidently proclaims that he is not afraid of Halloween and that none of the visitors scare him. Each one gets a treat…until the very last surprise group. Who is this boy, and what kind of monsters would it take to scare him? Find out on the last page!


Each page of this interactive Halloween book for children has a different trick-or-treater knocking on the door and we lift the flap or 3-D pop-up to see them. Illustrator Rusty Fletcher pairs with author Marion Dane Bauer to offer this physically pleasing and comfortable Halloween book for children. Fletcher is the illustrator for a many popular titles, including Happy Halloween, a Halloween book for children who are very young readers. Bauer is the author of other children’s suspense books including The Blue Ghost and The Secret of the Painted House.

The costumes become scarier and scarier (but not too scary) and children will love the suspense and drama of opening each colorful flap or 3-D pop-up. The rhyming text carries the story along and matches the friendly tone of the costumes. Although we never see the face of the little boy opening the door through the many pages, at the very end we learn why is not afraid of Halloween and what it takes to really scare him. Kids will enjoy the surprise and the humor of the ending.

I’m Not Afraid of Halloween is a Pumpkin Goblin-approved Halloween book for children.


I’m Not Afraid of Halloween

I’m Not Afraid of Halloween