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Children’s Halloween Books


Young Carl finds a curious object dropped by his mysterious new neighbor, Mr. Neewollah.  When he tries to return the object (at midnight!), he discovers Mr. Neewollah’s dark and creepy basement workshop with creaking doors and scary things!


Award-winning comedy writer and director Carl Reiner is both author and narrator of this children's Halloween book that includes fake eyeballs, glowing red lights, and hideous monsters.  Perfect for children ages 5 to 9, Reiner says the title was inspired by his grandchild Nicky, who said “Tell me a scary story grandpa….but not TOO scary!”  With feigned reluctance, Reiner himself begins to tell the story on the audio CD that accompanies the book, complete with creepy sound effects.  But…true to his young listener’s request, he pauses at the really spooky parts to ask:  “Shall we turn the page - or is it too scary?”

Illustrated by James Bennett (who worked with comedian Jerry Seinfeld on his book Halloween), Tell Me a Scary Story has lots of grotesque figures with huge heads and creepy close-up views sure to make this a favorite children's Halloween book.


“Something with red beams of light shooting from its eyes was coming down the basement stairs. It came closer and closer.... The hair on the back of my neck was sticking straight out. I finally saw it - and it was alive!”

Your children will love this scary, but not TOO scary story.

Tell Me a Scary Story is a Pumpkin Goblin-approved children's Halloween book.


Tell Me a Scary Story

Tell Me a Scary Story